Ritual Magic

Rituals are an AMAZING way to connect to your kids. They smooth transitions, cement daily routines, help us mark the importance of something, and so much more. Inviting a ritual practice into your life is a powerful tool that can help YOU and your kids shift from one state of mind to the next.

Rituals come in many shapes and sizes. They can be simple or complex. They can be carried out alone or with a group. They can last minutes or hours. As parents, it’s hard to imagine adding another thing to our never-ending to do list. But simple, short rituals have been invaluable to my family.

You can create a ritual specifically around situations that are predictably stressful or need special attention.

This VERY simple ritual truly helps us clear the air and transition us into a more positive mental space.

As you can see, it’s also done in a way that children can take a central role. This makes it fun and more meaningful for them.

Rituals can be incorporated into in many situations, here are just a few:

* Transitions Create a ritual to help your child leave the park, get ready for bed, or ease into the unknown.
* Daily Routines By inventing fun and simple rituals, you can help make brushing teeth, shampooing hair and getting dressed more interesting and self directed.
* Intentions Use a ritual to set an intention to have a calm dinner experience, a peaceful play date or a cooperative trip to the grocery store.

There are many ways to create rituals for yourself and your family!

What are some of YOUR rituals?