About Me

Why I do the work that I do

I coach parents because I believe with all my heart that we can change the world by transforming the way we raise our children. It is my heartfelt belief that so many of the struggles we parents face with our kids are directly related to our own internal struggles – our fears and doubts, held beliefs or negative thought patterns. How is it that when we do our VERY BEST, and with so much information and advice, we still struggle with the day-to-day stuff of parenting?

I am passionate about creating that space for mothers and fathers (and grandparents and caregivers too) to expand their awareness, not only with the practical nuts and bolts of parenting, but also with awareness within themselves. Raising children is an incredible opportunity for us to grow along with our kids.

It’s my personal mission!

After the birth of my daughter, like many new parents, I was figuring out all the practical and philosophical issues that accompany new parenthood. I read parenting books, joined online discussion forums, chatted with other moms in the park and sought council with my wise, older sister. Even though I received many helpful answers, something was still missing. Thanks to our digital age, there is an endless amount of information out there. But information was not enough for me. I needed to synthesize practical know-how with a deeper exploration of myself.

A few weeks after my daughter’s first birthday, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. To make matters worse, we simultaneously discovered that she was being financially scammed. Her home and all her savings were in jeopardy of being lost! I found myself fighting a complex legal battle that required a team of lawyers throughout several states. Without warning, I was now caring for a small child and a sick parent ensnared in an intricate legal quagmire. Needless to say, my energy, my time and my parenting experience were profoundly affected. I lost patience over the smallest things. I was angry. I yelled at my daughter. I stopped taking care of myself. I was disconnected from myself and my child and definitely not being the parent I wanted to be.

And I knew something had to change. The truth is, even as the intensity of mother’s situation subsided, I realized I still had to work on my inner life in order to parent the way I really wanted. I found the support of an incredible coach, developed a consistent meditation practice, challenged held beliefs and negative thinking patterns that kept me replaying power struggles with my small child and so much more. I discovered that creating authentic cooperation and ease in my own parenting practice is a long process of getting out of my own way. And I came to see that if I listen to my child’s needs openly, free from my own story, then the struggles lessened.

I want to share all of this with YOU.

Why? Because it has freed me to be the best parent I can be. And let me be clear: it’s not about being perfect or not making mistakes. It’s about connecting deeply with yourself so that you may peacefully and authentically connect with your child.Isn’t this what we ALL want and need in our parenting experience? I believe deep down in my soul that we create a more confident, joyous, grounded human being when we parent from this place – in fact, it creates two such people: Ourselves and our child. And that is what the world needs in order to transform.